Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Top of the Blogroll Please....

Part of me is only writing this because I have noticed that I am at the BOTTOM of all my friends' blogrolls...apparently, I haven't written anything in 11 months...hmmmm.

Here is the other reason why I wrote: Observations in Las Vegas
Listed in no particular order

- Never bet on a sports match that you really care about the outcome whether you win money or not. If you lose (and you are a bit superstitious) you'll blame the fact that you bet on the match for the loss. ('You' meaning 'I')

- 80's Fashion might be making a comeback, but there is no, I repeat, NO room for taffeta mini dresses, they need to be left behind. Seriously, I saw about 50 girls in them. Was there a taffeta convention in town?

- I saw quite a few people carrying those gigantic plastic containers that carry 350 ounces of the beverage of your choice. They come in various shapes, such as Eiffel Towers, weird vases, guitars (really, guitars). I'm not going to judge you for walking down the strip with one, but I do hold the right to judge you for bringing the empty souvenir with you on the plane home.

- Never gamble when angry (i.e. after your team loses in the playoffs).

- Room service rocks.

- David Spade hasn't written a new joke in twenty years.

- Debbie Gibson was on the radio at one of the casinos.

- The last time I was at Caesars Palace I was 15 and I remember being shocked by the moving statues. 16 years later, I watched them in disappointment of my 15 yr old self wondering how I had found this 'awesome'.

- I believe that the City of Las Vegas hates soccer. We had to watch the game from our hotel room via VideoChat with my parents TV. Lame.

- Hotel Room had 'His' and 'Her' separate bathrooms, this is my new definition of 'awesome'...AND more mini soaps/lotions to steal.

- We stayed at Treasure Island and only saw one pirate. Strange or a relief?

- Las Vegas is the best city to people watch.

- Cirque du Soleil is still amazing.

- I am not a gambler, but I win more than Alex! :) Correction, I lost LESS than Alex.

- I'm getting older. Mary at 21 in Vegas, out until 5-7am 4 nights in a row. Mary at 31 in Vegas,out until 1 am is pushing it. Either way, I still didn't get up before 11.

-The elevator doors at Treasure Island remind me of the subway doors in NYC, doesn't matter if you are in or out, they'll close anyway.

-Good food, good shows, good weather and a GREAT companion = a fantastic trip!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Wedding Pics...a few at least

Aaron and Meg Nelson are the bestest photographers ever.

I can't wait to see the rest of our wedding picks but if you haven't seen any yet, here are a few..
Click Here to Check it Out

More rambling posts to appear in the near future....maybe.

Pug Purse

This isn't on my Christmas list, but it might be on Alex's...
Pug Purse

Maybe we'll get one for the Ponks.

What in the world are you supposed to put in a pug purse anyway?

Monday, October 20, 2008

We've been blogged!

It has been FOREVER since my last post, but I've been pretty busy. Our wedding is in less than 3 weeks, I feel like there a bazillion 'little' things left to do, including a business trip to Montana next week.

Yesterday was my bridal shower. I'm was so honored to have friends and family come, though I couldn't get over the fact it was a wedding shower...FOR ME?...and all the presents?? It truly was a wonderful day,not because of the presents but because of the presence of everyone who attended. WARNING - I seem to get cheesier and cheesier the closer it gets to the big day.

Earlier last week Alex and I had our pictures taken by an old college friend of mine, Aaron. Aaron and his wife Meg are magically talented photographers - I say magically, because Aaron actually took some pictures of me that I liked and that is quite rare! They are also 'magically' talented because a few years ago he was able to catch an AWESOME picture of me taking a dive on the dance floor - I'd post it, but I'd like to save myself a little bit of dignity. Anywho, check out Aaron's pics.

Friday, July 25, 2008

A real Ponkey

Thanks to Forrest for sending this on....I really am speechless. I think Jenkins is way cuter!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Really, this isn't what I signed up for...

Its Monday and I have worked 22 hours already this week (counting Sunday). So, if you've wondered why I'm not posting all that often, there's your answer.

Since I live in a building with an elevator and work in a building with an elevator, I have become very aware lately of people's elevator habits. A few random thoughts for you:
~ At work, I'm happy to silently stare at the doors and not chit-chat with other riders. At home I will say hello and maybe note the weather - hey, these people are my neighbors. Am I required to chat with people while standing in a small box with them while dangling several stories high via cable??
~Its always nice when someone hits the button to keep the doors open for you to get in, but I believe that the 'door open' button is ALWAYS hit reluctantly.
~When waiting for the elevator to arrive, its best NOT to stand directly in front of the doors, make room for people to get out first. It's amazing how many people stand inches away from the doors of the lift.
~If I'm staring at any of the wording on the walls, I'm probably not interested in making small talk.
~Whomever my neighbor is who routinely leaves for work 5 minutes before me wears a lot of perfume/cologne. Its almost as if they apply the perfume while in the elevator.
~48% of the time that am in an elevator, I wonder how awkward it would be if the other riders could read my mind....sharing an elevator is awkward enough as it is. 10% of the time I wonder if Jenkins understands the concept of the elevator when we take him to the garage - or does he think that the doors are magic? 22% of my time on elevators I am thinking about my burning hand due to a hot cup of coffee, 6% I spend worrying about getting stuck (normally during rides with other 'chatters').The rest of my time is spent wondering if my elevator at work has a camera in it or not - I can't bring myself to 'readjust' or see if I have anything in my teeth while alone in the work elevator.

..I think I'll start taking the stairs more often..

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Ponkey Pics....

Its been a while since I last had a post, no doubt about that. Since I have started my new job, I have been working 55-60 hour weeks. I'm not exaggerating either. AC doesn't mind too much, its baseball season and this way he can watch the M's lose in solitude. I have noticed lately though, that when I get home, Jenkins follows me everywhere throughout the apartment. I'm glad someone misses me around here! :) This was taken tonight after Jenkins did his laps around the living room for 5 minutes. He was definitely posing for the camera.