Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I'm a Pug! Woop - Morphing Pugs

A big thank you to Becca for the laugh....Ponkey is way better looking, but does lack the rapping skills.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Stephen Colbert iPhone review March to Enslavement Steve Job

I love the robots attacking! Pure genius!

UPDATE: Viacomm has put the kabosh (sp?-maybe I shouldn't use the word if I'm not sure how to spell it.) on the youtube link. So I have added the Comedy Central link ... on a side note, I want the viacomm job where all I do is surf the web looking for copyright violations.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Ponkey goes to Portland...

That is Ponkey, which is pronounced like the work Pong, minus the 'g' plus 'key'.

We have been planning on going to Portland to visit some friends and see another friend's band play for about a month, but didn't decide to take Jenkins with us until the night before we left. Too many logistics were involved in getting him to my parents before leaving Seattle on a Friday.

On the way down, after spending 3 hours in his crate in the car, we decided to take a puppy dinner break. Unfortunately, I forgot to grab Jenkins dishes so we improvised thanks to the help of Starbucks.

Once we finally made it to Portland, Jenkins was introduced to R&J's cat Thomas. Thomas made sounds that I have never heard before and rolled into a ball - not necessarily a cat's way of saying, "please make yourself at home while you are staying here, I'm so glad that you have come."
Jenkins did like Thomas's favorite toy though. Needless to say, Thomas spent the whole weekend in R&J's closet. Now that we have returned back to Seattle, I hope that he has come out to reclaim his territory.

R and J took us on a dog friendly tour of P-town. I have read that Portland has been voted the most dog friendly city in the nation and I truely believe it after seeing it for myself. We took Jenkins on the bus several times on Saturday. I was told in the middle of the day that only service dogs are supposed to be on the bus, but no one else said anything.
He behaved better than we could have asked for and the other riders were very curious about him. One man on the Max even asked if he could hold him. (That is a picture of me holding him here though.)

Our first stop was lunch, where Jenkins had a bowl of water on the house. I noticed that 80% of the passerbyers would comment on Jenkins - he loves the attention.

After lunch we headed to the pet shop to pick up a harness and a portable food/water dish. (I highly recommend.)

After Jenkins was properly accessorized (which took quite a while) we took him to the dog park where Jenkins met J's friends dog Allah (sp?), a french bulldog who quickly showed Jenks the ways of the dog park. Jenkins loved it. Alex and I were a little nervous as we haven't let him off leash in public before and his response to coming when called is lacking a bit. It worked out well though. Jenkins had a great time and met a ton of dogs.

Our next stop was the rose garden. After walking around for a bit we decided to take a load off. A women saw Jenkins and declared, "What is THAT!" When we told her that he is a pug, she proudly declared that he looks like a pig. I was a little taken aback by her declaration that he looked like a pig (even though I am fully aware of it)- she wouldn't stop talking and insulting our poor Jenkins. No wonder why her husband had headphones on. We then decided that I should have told the lady that Jenks is a Ponkey, a hybrid pig and monkey.

Jeremy next to his favorite number while waiting for the Max.

By the time that we were heading back to R&J's house Jenks was pooped.

This morning before leaving Portland, we took Jenks, aka Ponkey, to a nearby park. Anytime he found a patch of grass he decided that it was time to take a break.

Jenkins slept the whole way back home today. I'm sure dreaming of his next trip back to Portland!