Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Top of the Blogroll Please....

Part of me is only writing this because I have noticed that I am at the BOTTOM of all my friends' blogrolls...apparently, I haven't written anything in 11 months...hmmmm.

Here is the other reason why I wrote: Observations in Las Vegas
Listed in no particular order

- Never bet on a sports match that you really care about the outcome whether you win money or not. If you lose (and you are a bit superstitious) you'll blame the fact that you bet on the match for the loss. ('You' meaning 'I')

- 80's Fashion might be making a comeback, but there is no, I repeat, NO room for taffeta mini dresses, they need to be left behind. Seriously, I saw about 50 girls in them. Was there a taffeta convention in town?

- I saw quite a few people carrying those gigantic plastic containers that carry 350 ounces of the beverage of your choice. They come in various shapes, such as Eiffel Towers, weird vases, guitars (really, guitars). I'm not going to judge you for walking down the strip with one, but I do hold the right to judge you for bringing the empty souvenir with you on the plane home.

- Never gamble when angry (i.e. after your team loses in the playoffs).

- Room service rocks.

- David Spade hasn't written a new joke in twenty years.

- Debbie Gibson was on the radio at one of the casinos.

- The last time I was at Caesars Palace I was 15 and I remember being shocked by the moving statues. 16 years later, I watched them in disappointment of my 15 yr old self wondering how I had found this 'awesome'.

- I believe that the City of Las Vegas hates soccer. We had to watch the game from our hotel room via VideoChat with my parents TV. Lame.

- Hotel Room had 'His' and 'Her' separate bathrooms, this is my new definition of 'awesome'...AND more mini soaps/lotions to steal.

- We stayed at Treasure Island and only saw one pirate. Strange or a relief?

- Las Vegas is the best city to people watch.

- Cirque du Soleil is still amazing.

- I am not a gambler, but I win more than Alex! :) Correction, I lost LESS than Alex.

- I'm getting older. Mary at 21 in Vegas, out until 5-7am 4 nights in a row. Mary at 31 in Vegas,out until 1 am is pushing it. Either way, I still didn't get up before 11.

-The elevator doors at Treasure Island remind me of the subway doors in NYC, doesn't matter if you are in or out, they'll close anyway.

-Good food, good shows, good weather and a GREAT companion = a fantastic trip!