Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I noticed this morning while making a much needed coffee run that a house across the street from the corn was on fire. The fire department was there, but the fact that there weren't any sirens or lights flashing made me think that it was some kind of practice drill (the house has been abandoned for the 3 years that I have been driving by it.) Then it occurred to me that perhaps the Kent fire department picked the wrong day to burn down a house for practice (Earth Day), then again, it is Kent. (Did I mention the corn?) What really made me laugh was that while I was driving by the house I was listening to a radio station that was playing Talking Head's 'Burning Down the House'. Seriously?

I put in my 2 weeks notice last Friday, only a week and a half left of the joys of working in Kent. SeaTac here I come. Wooohoooo....

Monday, April 21, 2008

Wal-Mart on Labor Day

So I can be like Caitlin and Jon...

Wal-Mart on Labor Day

RV Campers
Where do you BBQ?
Gigantic parking lot

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Adidas - you should know better than that

I found this in my inbox today and it truly hurts my feelings that Adidas would use this picture to advertise. (The guy isn't planting his foot before taking a corner kick, What the..) This is why I can't watch movies or t.v. shows that contain fictional soccer situations. Apparently there aren't any REAL soccer players in the entertainment business. (You heard me David Beckham!) The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants was ruined by bad soccer scenarios (she runs around with her hair in her face and a sports bra) I think that there was a Will Farrell movie involving soccer, but I was too scared to even attempt to watch it. Bend It Like Beckham wasn't too bad, but I speak of only parts of the movie where no one was playing soccer. Victory (1981) would get my vote as the best soccer movie, but only because Pele is in it and I haven't seen the movie since 1988. I think if I saw it today the movie would be ruined by watching Sylvester Stallone 'play' soccer. All I remember is that they are a team of prisoners (Nazi Camp?) and they have a plan of escaping during half time - but they decide to play the whole game out, I think due to pride. See. Spot on for a soccer player.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

April 8th

Even though technically it is now April 9th (what am I doing up so late) I am going to pretend that it is April 8th, so when I type 'today' I really mean yesterday and when I type 'tomorrow' I really mean today.

If you have talked to me in any form of communication in the last couple of months, I have mentioned to you that I was taking my Customs broker's exam this week. Sorry about that - I tend to babble on about what is at the top of the brain for me, but you already know this so I don't feel too bad. I have been dreading April 7th for the last two months. Every time any date in April was mentioned before the 7th I would feel the muscles in my neck tense up. I realize that this wasn't helpful to my final goal of passing the test. I also realize that if I don't pass the test its not the end of the world and I can take it again in 6 months...last year's tests had an average passing rate of 8% and that is one of the higher numbers that I have heard. The good news is that I feel good about how I did yesterday (two days ago). It'll be a close call either way I have about 6 weeks to find out if I passed.

I feel as if a 15lb weight has been lifted from my shoulders (funny, since I haven't been to the gym or on the soccer field in three weeks). This morning (yesterday morning) I realized that it was the 8th and I was now free to do what I please with my free time. I made a mental list of all the things I was going to do in my free time today (yesterday): call the church and reception hall to make appts, start my taxes, play soccer. Sounds pretty straightforward and easy right - nope not for me. Here is what I really did today (yesterday) after work. Chat with a friend for a while (HAPPY BIRTHDAY RULAND, its tomorrow (today)), take a 2 hour nap, spend the rest of the evening cleaning the kitchen and living room. Thanks to my nap, I missed yet another game, but I can't express how good it feels to have a clean kitchen again. (This makes me very aware that I'm turning into my mom.)

And then I found $5.00.