Tuesday, May 22, 2007


So every morning on my way to work I drive past this new 'statue' of corn. .... Seriously? The town's parks and rec paid $18,000 for this. Now, I don't have a problem with public art or even funding for art BUT, its next to a freeway offramp, across the street from a gas station in a warehouse area of town. It just seems out of place. (I really don't know where it wouldn't seem out of place, perhaps next to a farm, a farm that grows corn.) The picture speaks for itself.

UPDATE: This morning, the corn was being watered. Apparently, the $18,000 was for a sprinkler system too! My question is, how long until the corn rusts?


caitlin said...

Do birds just crack their beaks on this daily or what?

Mary said...

Not sure, but I hear that Parks and Rec are looking into designing electronic birds to fly around the fake corn - costs are estimated to be $150 billion!
After hearing the news the city is looking into also building a gigantic scarecrow so that the fake birds don't destroy the fake corn.